What exactly is a peer coach?
The word peer coach is a contraction of the English ‘peer’ – which means ‘equal’ or ‘belonging to the same group’ – and coach. Peer coach and peer (coachee) stand side by side – are equal – and have shared experiences.

A peer coach is an expert coach who coaches on empowerment. They combine their own stories (experience) with adequate coaching skills and a thorough knowledge of personal leadership. Peer coaches are easily approachable (low threshold) for the peers because they come from “the same world”.

Peer coaches are effectively deployed for social challenges where experiential expertise strengthens the coaching, such as (long-term) unemployment, youth care and debt assistance. Due to their approachability, peer coaches are also happy to work with people who have lost confidence in existing institutions.

The full competency profile of the peer coach can be found here.

Develop your personal leadership!
Coaching peer coaches on personal leadership. The peer coach academy has developed a method for this that has proven to be particularly effective over the past 10 years. This method is directly accessible to everyone via mijn.peercoach.nl

Create an account on mijn.peercoach.nl and you will have access to the teaching material and the associated exercises and tools.

Find a peer coach
The peer coaches of ImPOWER social impact company work in a number of cities, where they coach people who need a helping hand to find a sustainable job or education. Click here for more information.

Looking for a certified peer coach for your organization? Search the peer coach registry.

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