Do you want to work on your self-leadership? Personal leadership? Are you in the middle of a crisis situation and looking for a way out? Are you struggling with burnout? Are you stuck, don't know what you want or how to proceed? Then read on, CoachPlaza is here for you.

Personal Leadership

Personal Leadership – self-leadership – is the art of leading your own life. Now you may be thinking 'everyone leads his/her/their own life, right?' but that is certainly not true. Our lives are largely determined by events around us. Nice events and bad events. Through a series of pleasant events we can get completely into flow and live a wonderful life, whereby we seem to unconsciously attract the next pleasant event through our positive attitude. We can also be followed by bad luck and end up from one crisis to another. Life is often a combination of both, with highs and lows. 

Personal leadership is the art of consciously making your own choices in this hectic environment, acting accordingly, and sustaining them. It is the art of really knowing yourself, your qualities, your motivations, the roles in your life that are really important to you. It is the art of dreaming and taking steps to pursue your dreams.

Personal leadership is also the art of dealing with crises in your life, dealing with the moments when you no longer know what to do, dealing with the empty feeling, the deep fatigue you feel... in short, self-leadership or personal leadership involves to take charge of yourself at times when this is especially difficult. You cannot change the circumstances, but you ultimately decide how you look at this and how you deal with it. Then you will discover that you have more influence than you think.

Live as no other

You are unique, you are truly special. There is no one like you. Then why should you look to others to determine how you want to live? Live your own life, live like no other!

Therefore, develop your personal leadership. And CoachPlaza wants to help you with that. 

The first simple step can be with the book Live as no other by Peter Fekkes. You can buy this book at the bookstore or order it online here . At the front of this book there is a unique personal code with which you can create a free account My CoachPlaza. My CoachPlaza is the online environment with tools for the development of your personal leadership. 

Become a Coach?

In addition to the book, more programs are coming. Consider online training and coaching by peer-coaches. Peer-coaches are life-experienced coaches, coaches who have experienced and understand things similar to you. 

Unfortunately, this is not finished yet, but we are working hard on this behind the scenes! We will deliver this year (2024).

Become a peer-coach yourself? Visit PeerCoach World.

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